the INDY

“We believe Echols has begun much of the work that voters itching for more reform want to see. And a change in leadership would be disruptive to that progress. In four years, he steadied what was a troubled office, gained the respect of colleagues in the court system, and instituted changes to handle cases more expeditiously, divert more cases from court and incorporate restorative justice practices. He deserves a chance to continue what he started.”

Friends of Durham (FOD)

The Committee on the Affairs of Black People

“Proud to receive the endorsement of the  Committee on the Affairs of Black People – an organization that has for 73 years served as the voice and leadership of the Black Community.”  Roger Echols

Judge Leon Stanback

“Roger was my number one assistant and I never made a major decision  without his input as District Attorney. He has the wisdom, knowledge and leadership necessary to be District Attorney”

Karen Bethea Shileds, Former District Court Judge

“I endorse  Roger Echols for Durham County District Attorney.  During his tenure, Mr. Echols has exhibited sound judgment, toughness, fairness and the integrity that our Criminal Justice System demands of a Prosecutor.”

Mickey Michaux, State Representative , NC House

Marcia Owen, Former Director of the Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham, NC

Reverend Jerome Washington, Pastor, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Durham, NC